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Craig Cupaiuolo is employed full time as a Police Motorcycle Officer for a local police department. Craig has a BA in Education and is a certified police field training officer. Craig completed an MSF safety class at Hagerstown Community College to earn his class M endorsement in 2007.  Since then he completed the MCPD 80 hour basic police motorcycle operators course in addition to a 120 Police Motorcycle Instructor Course at University of Maryland in 2010.  Additionally he assists in instruction for his agency's annual motor officer in-service training and police motorcycle orientation days for prospective motorcycle officers. Craig is a full time mounted motor officer in the 4th district located in Wheaton Maryland.  Craig is also a certified Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commision General Instructor and Emergency Vehicle Operator Course instructor.  He attends University of Maryland annual instructor recertification classes, as well as 120 hours of Leadership in Police Organizations training. Craig assisted with the instruction of 5 police basic motor schools since 2010 and has attended police motorcycle training seminars/competitions in VA, MD, LA, PA,  SC,  and even Canada during the past  5 years of service.  Instruction of Police Motorcycle Courses and Riding Skills has proved both challenging and rewarding for him and become the passion of his police career.

Dave  Prange is employed full time as a Police Motorcycle Officer for a local police department and began his riding career over 45 years ago with a mini bike around the age of 10. In 1985, he joined law enforcement in Maryland, with a desire to one day to be a motor officer. He fulfilled that desire and has been riding in a motor unit ever since. 

He attended the following training schools: (1987) basic police motorcycle, (1997) police motorcycle instructor, (2005) police general instructor, and in (2013) master motor instructor. Competing in police rodeos, as well as training seminars, and annual motorcycle recertification, has allowed him to learn new skills and refresh old ones. He has instructed at numerous police motorcycle schools, and enjoys teaching and training others. In his off time, he rides a Harley Ultra Classic.

Brian Kuykendall is employed full time as a Police Motorcycle Officer for a local police department and has been a police officer for the past 25 years. The last 18 years of his career, he has been assigned full time to the departments motor unit. After completing basic police motor school in 1996, he was then assigned to the 5th District Motor Unit where he went on to become a police motorcycle instructor in 2003. Since completing the 120 hour motorcycle instructor school he has assisted in teaching over 15 police motor schools. Brian is also a certified instructor through the Maryland Police Training Commission and was a Maryland drivers education instructor for several years. Brian competed in his first police motorcycle training/competition in Florida in 1997 and has competed in several since then from Florida to Canada.

Brian has ridden his own motorcycle for the past 25 years and has ridden across the United States several times, covering 47 of the 50 states on 2 wheels. (All by riding from his home in Maryland, no trailers involved)

As a motor officer, people are always asking how they can learn to do some of what we do. This is a way to pass on some of the knowledge and skills learned by riding everyday in every kind of weather. Hopefully it will make all involved a little safer on the road.